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At QAW, we believe an excellent curriculum must have strong alignment among the written, taught and tested components of the curriculum.

Our written curriculum is based on up-to-date international standards.

We utilize the following standards in each curricular area:

  • Arabic Language Arts: Supreme Education Council (SEC)
  • English Language Arts: Common Core State Standards
  • Math: Common Core State Standards
  • Information and Technology: National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS) – IT
  • Islamic Studies: Supreme Education Council (SEC)
  • Music: Georgia Music Standards - Music
  • Nursery and KG1: Head Start (all curricular areas)
  • Physical Education: Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum
  • Qatar National Studies: Supreme Education Council (SEC)
  • Science Content Standards for California Public Schools – Science
  • Arts: Washington State Curriculum Standards - Art

Our taught curriculum is the daily work of teachers in ensuring that students are learning skills necessary to reach the standards for each grade level. This work is documented through unit plans and lesson plans which is an on-going and cyclical process that teachers engage in throughout the year. The assessed curriculum includes formative assessments, as well as summative and benchmark assessments to ensure that all students are on track to meet standard or when instructional modifications and adjustments need to be made.

Arabic is a core subject. Islamic Studies and Qatari History are also taught during the Arabic portion of the day, further reinforcing Arabic language skills. Our standards represent what we feel are the best in both English language curriculum standards, Common Core, as well as Arabic standards, SEC standards, that are appropriate for our local context while preparing our students to be global citizens. The standards used by QAW and the text books that support the standards are consistent throughout the grade levels which creates a horizontally and vertically aligned curriculum to allow for an uninterrupted progression of learning (skills and concepts) in order to ensure all students have developed to their full potential and can achieve their dreams.


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Admissions open 2018/2019

October 22 2017

أكاديمية قطر الوكرة تفتح باب القبول للعام الدراسي 2018-2019 بدءاً من 22 أكتوبر 2017 من مرحلة الحضانة وحتى الصف التاسع. لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى زيارة موقع التسجيل.
Qatar Academy Al-Wakra open Admission for the academic year 2018-2019 starting 22nd October 2017, from Pre3 to Grade 9. For more information please visit the school registration website.

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Pre4 Healthy Habits

October 19 2017

This term, the Pre 4 students had been learning all about making healthy choices, through our unit "Healthy Habits" Students worked hard with their teachers to prepare and create educational presentations that included singing and acting to inform their parents about the healthy choices they want to make everyday regarding food, cleanliness and sleep.
Parents were invited to attend our interactive presentation on Tuesday October 17th. Students presented their songs and skits with great confidence. Teachers and students received great feedback from parents after the show.

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QAW Solar Art In-house Exhibition

October 19 2017

QAW students have talent! A number of students from grade 3, 4 and 5 created Solar Art projects using a solar energy component and recycling materials for the Shams Generation Project.

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