Coordinators and Counselors


Ms. Eileen Batneegy

Arabic Coordinator



Mr. Isam Abdel Rahman

Curriculum Coordinator



Ms. Fatima Albaz

PYP Coordinator



Ms. Rachael Mary Molitor

English Counselor



Ms. Michele Mclay

MYP Coordinator

 Michele McLay is the MYP Coordinator at QAW. She is originally from New Zealand and has lived and taught abroad for 18 years in Australia, UK, Thailand, UAE and now Qatar. She holds a Bachelor of science in Geography, a diploma in HR Management and a Master’s in Education. Michele has worked with 4 different curriculums, but for the last 9 years has been involved with the IB, both the MYP and the DP, at which she most strongly relates to. She has taught both Geography and Business Management to the Diploma level and has worked as a CAS coordinator for 4 years. She is also an IB examiner in Geography. She believes an educator's role is more than just teaching knowledge, it's about teaching students necessary skills and providing support in all areas of their academic career. Michele has always enjoyed travelling and being immersed in different cultures. She is a keen sports person and has played a wide range of competitive sports for most of her life. She now enjoys coaching women’s sevens rugby.

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