Ms. Christina Suchoszeka

English Teacher




Ms. Jill Intagliataa

English Teacher




Ms. Lamis Khalil Tabbaraa

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Nuria Ariasa

Instructional Assistant




Ms. Veronica Pereza

Math Teacher




Ms. Aldana Albuenaina

Arabic Assistant




Ms. Rim Traboulsia

English Teacher




Ms. Denine Pinnocka

English Teacher




Ms. Sophie Bourgona

English Teacher




Ms. Larissa Mounta

Math Teacher




Ms. Faiha Allouha

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Erin Scripnicka

English Teacher




Ms. Danieal Longanettia

English Teacher




Ms. Doreen Pinnocka

English Teacher




Ms. Roba Hamdana

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Yanna Perkinsa

English Teacher




Julianne Virgina

English Teacher




Ms. Sheryl Guynna

English Teacher




Mr. Daniel Fredricksa

English Teacher




Ms. Fatima Gazagzeha

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Mariam Zebiana

English Teacher




Ms. Yasmeen Munshia

English Teacher




Ms. Margaret Yaneza

Learning Support Teacher




Ms. Zahraa

English Teacher




Ms. Mervat Abdelsattara

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Danielle Gahra

English Teacher




Ms. Doaa Momania

Islamic StudiesTeacher


Doaa Momani received her undergraduate degree in Jurisprudence in Origins of Islamic Religion from Yarmouk University Jordan. She has a Master's degree in Educational Principles from Yarmouk University. She has been working as an Islamic education teacher since 2008 and joined QAW in 2014. This is her first year teaching Islamic studies using the MYP Framework. She believes the MYP has enriched her teaching abilities by encouraging students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, which she feels is her goal when teaching Islamic education.


Ms. Alliah M. Al Kahlouta

Islamic Teacher




Ms. Amani Aboujalalaha

Arabic Teacher


Amani is originally from Lebanon and has a degree in teaching Arabic from Beirut Arabic College. She has 20 years of teaching experience in Qatar from grades KG-9. For 4 years, she served as the Arabic Coordinator at an independent school in Qatar. This is her fourth year at Qatar Academy Al-Wakra where she is teaching both secondary and primary curriculums. In her free time she enjoys reading Islamic books.


Ms. Kehri Magalada

Music Teacher


Kehri Magalad is the performing arts teacher at QAW and is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Instrumental Conducting. Prior to moving to Qatar, she was a band director in Lindale, Georgia. She is an active performer, writer and arranger. She has performed with the Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps, Chix w/ Stix, Northwest Georgia Winds, Rome Festival Brass, Gadsden Symphony, Rome Symphony, Rome Little Theatre, Doha Community Orchestra and Wind Band and Theatre de L'Oiseau-Tonnerre just to name a few.
In addition to her active teaching and performing schedule, she was a marching percussion specialist for several Atlanta high schools, all of which participate in the Music for All (formerly Bands of America) marching band competition. She is currently a member of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA). This is her fifth year at QAW.


Ms. Oleigue Feghalya

P.E. Teacher


Oleg Fghaly completed her Teaching Diploma and Bachelor's Degree in Physical and Sports Education from Lebanon University. She began her career by working as a member of the Wellspring Learning Community Mentoring Team, where she trained and mentored new teachers. She dealt with children with diverse needs, abilities, and learning styles and has taught both primary and secondary students. Oleg has attended several IBO training workshops and is a keen IBO educator.
She is fluent in French, English and Arabic (mother tongue) and enjoys implementing IT into her PE lessons. This is her fourth year in QAW as a PE teacher and her fifth year teaching the MYP. Teaching is her passion and she feels inspired working with children each day.


Ms. Shaza Ahmeda

IT Teacher




Ms. Olimpia Cervantesa

English Librarian




Ms. Alya Al-Mansooria

Arabic Librarian




Ms. Bethany Curtisa

Learning Support Teacher




Ms. Deborah Yatesa

Learning Support Techer




Ms. Rana Kourania

Arabic Learning Support




Mr. Alexander Montgomery Johnsona

Learning Support Teacher




Ms. Faten Shabanaa

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Zeina Makdessia

Arabic Teacher




Ms. Randa Abunawaraha

Arabic Learning Support Teacher


Randa M Abunwwarah has been teaching Arabic for over 13 years, in Jordan, USA and Qatar. She holds a Master’s Degree in Method of Teaching Arabic from Jordan University. She enjoys reading Arabic novels and religious articles.
She began her teaching career in Jordan teaching Arabic for seven years at 3 different secondary schools from grades 5 to 12. She then travelled to America and began teaching in the IB school, ‘Islamic Saudi Academy School’ in Washington. Here she taught both Arabic as a first language and as a second language to non-native speakers. She was also an Arabic Personal Project Coordinator for grade 10 students for 3 years. She lived and worked there for five years teaching senior students in grades 10 to 12. In 2014, she moved to Qatar to join QAW where she now teaches first year MYP students. She joined QAW to take on new and exciting challenges and to be part of the newly implemented IB Middle Years Program.


Ms. Noha Redaa

Instructional Assistant



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