Michele McLay

Michele McLay is the MYP Coordinator at QAW. She is originally from New Zealand and has lived and taught abroad for 18 years in Australia, UK, Thailand, UAE and now Qatar. She holds a Bachelor of science in Geography, a diploma in HR Management and a Master’s in Education. Michele has worked with 4 different curriculums, but for the last 9 years has been involved with the IB, both the MYP and the DP, at which she most strongly relates to. She has taught both Geography and Business Management to the Diploma level and has worked as a CAS coordinator for 4 years. She is also an IB examiner in Geography. She believes an educator's role is more than just teaching knowledge, it's about teaching students necessary skills and providing support in all areas of their academic career. Michele has always enjoyed travelling and being immersed in different cultures. She is a keen sports person and has played a wide range of competitive sports for most of her life. She now enjoys coaching women’s sevens rugby.

Jake Curtis

Jake Curtis teaches both Language Acquisition and Individuals and Societies at QAW. He calls many places home which most are in the United States. Jake is certified to teach English and social studies at the secondary level. He believes social studies and English are wonderful subjects to teach because they both help unlock information about people and places. He loves maps and enjoys traveling to as many places as he can. Jake has taught in South Korea, America, Costa Rica, as well as Qatar. This is his second year at QAW. He is very excited to be a part of the QAW MYP team. He believes the MYP helps create an incredible learning environment that really allows students to explore and learn on a deeper level.

Doaa Momani 

Doaa Momani received her undergraduate degree in Jurisprudence in Origins of Islamic Religion from Yarmouk University Jordan. She has a Master's degree in Educational Principles from Yarmouk University. She has been working as an Islamic education teacher since 2008 and joined QAW in 2014. This is her first year teaching Islamic studies using the MYP Framework. She believes the MYP has enriched her teaching abilities by encouraging students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, which she feels is her goal when teaching Islamic education.

Patrick Holt

Patrick grew up in the shadow of Vancouver, Canada’s North Shore mountains, where he was never far from a mountain bike trail or a coastal inlet. He has a Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University, and is currently wrapping up a Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (CoETaIL). Over the last 8 years Patrick has taught fifth and sixth grade in Canada, and Taiwan, and is currently the MYP Design teacher at QAW. Patrick is a lifelong learner, and approaches his role as an educator from a student centered perspective. The MYP blends perfectly with his belief that through guided inquiry and discovery, students will gain an appreciation for learning and will in turn become lifelong learners themselves. Out of the classroom you’ll find Mr. Holt hanging out with his wife while they show their kids the wonders of the world. In any extra minutes you may catch him trying out his new SUP board, and figuring out how to achieve tonal bliss on his guitar.

Oleigue Fghaly

Oleg Fghaly completed her Teaching Diploma and Bachelor's Degree in Physical and Sports Education from Lebanon University. She began her career by working as a member of the Wellspring Learning Community Mentoring Team, where she trained and mentored new teachers. She dealt with children with diverse needs, abilities, and learning styles and has taught both primary and secondary students. Oleg has attended several IBO training workshops and is a keen IBO educator.
She is fluent in French, English and Arabic (mother tongue) and enjoys implementing IT into her PE lessons. This is her fourth year in QAW as a PE teacher and her fifth year teaching the MYP. Teaching is her passion and she feels inspired working with children each day.

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April 18 2017

The uniform Pop-Up Shop will resume at QAW from Wednesday May 3rd as follows:
May 3rd and May 17th from 12.00pm-3.00pm. May 31st and June 14th from 11.30am-1.30pm. For enquiries please call 40390264 or email info@saracenwear.com .

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