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Welcome to Qatar Academy – Al Wakra !

Guided by our vision, mission and values, we are committed to excellence in education that nurtures the intellectual and personal development of our students. Education at QAW embraces an inquiry-based, culturally enriched international curriculum.

Our talented teachers go above and beyond to achieve QAW’s vision, encouraging and guiding our students to discover, learn and think creatively. Teachers collaborate and work across subject areas to develop students’ academic skills, inspire inquiry and foster independence. Our students are provided with the opportunities to reach their potential and become competent, independent, and responsible individuals who are effective members of the global community.

Qatar Academy – Al Wakra

as part of the Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education, is a non profit, co- educational international school that offers a broad- based, international educational program.

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Our Latest

Opening New Building for Girls 24-25

Qatar Academy Al Wakra announces a new building for Girls only from Grade 6 till Grade 11 for the Academic Year 2024-2025. Please find QAW Director letter: https://tinyurl.com/2zyhzumw Register Now:  https://qaw.edu.qa/admissions

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