Parental Engagement

At Qatar Academy – Al Wakra, parent involvement and communication are vital in supporting their child’s academic and well-being development. Parents are encouraged and invited to support their child’s class or grade level in reading workshops or share their expertise to enhance learning experiences for their child’s units of study. During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents were invited to share learning experiences with students virtually. In addition, parents are invited to parent conferences to discuss termly reports with their children’s teachers. In the QAW Primary school, we use Classdojo to communicate and connect with parents. In the QAW Secondary school, we use ManageBac to communicate with parents. It has all the curriculum materials for parents to support their kids at home and detailed notes about attendance, grades, and behavioral notes.

Several parent workshops were held to provide strategies for children’s well-being, and topics were chosen based on parents’ choices. Instagram posts are posted frequently on QAW Instagram, QAW Facebook, whole school messages are communicated to parents through School SMS. In addition, Monthly School Newsletters are shared with parents updating parents with important information and student/grade-level achievements.

School Uniform

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