Professional Development

It is the goal of Qatar Academy Al Wakra to provide high-quality professional development to all staff in order to increase student achievement and reach the academy’s goals and objectives. Understanding that professional development is not one-size-fits-all, QAW strives to differentiate professional development and provide a variety of opportunities in order for staff to continue to improve professional practice, stay current with international education initiatives and to meet annual professional growth goals.

Professional development is based on the strategic objectives and goals of QAW. Teachers are provided with on-site training and job-embedded professional development through weekly staff meetings, departmental meetings, collegial collaboration and professional learning communities, internal trainings/workshops, local trainings/conferences and training provided by external consultants. As part of Qatar Academy Al Wakra’s mission to collaborate and share resources with other schools in the local area, teachers are encouraged to network, collaborate, and share their expertise with other schools and teachers via conferences, consortiums, workshops, etc.



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