Counseling Services and Support

Qatar Academy Al Wakra offers a comprehensive counseling program. The program focuses on providing proactive and preventative services to support the social and emotional development of each student. The goal of the QAW counseling program is to provide students with a variety of tools, ideas and skills that are necessary to prevent social and emotional problems from occurring. Reactive services, such as crisis management, are also available in case of emergencies.

Collaboration among the school counselor, teachers, parents and students are emphasized to foster student success.

Below is a comprehensive list of the services provided by the QAW counseling program:

  • In-class guidance lessons are conducted every other week. During lessons students explore a variety of topics that foster social and emotional growth. These preventative lessons focus on helping students develop:
    • Friendship skills
    • Independence
    • Self-confidence
    • Social skills
    • Conflict management skills
    • Awareness of diversity
  • Small group counseling for those who will benefit from individual attention from the counselor.
  • Individual counseling sessions.
  • Support for students with behavioral or emotional problems.
  • Collaboration with teachers and parents to ensure that students are successful at school.
  • Consultations, information and support for parents.

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