School Clinic

QAW has two full time nurses during the school year. Our school nurses goal is to provide and maintain a quality service and holistic care to all our students and staff.

Nursing Services 
  • Assessment and initial treatment of acute health problems, illnesses and injuries within the scope of nursing
  • Emergency care and first aid treatment
  • Proper management of student’s chronic health problems (such as diabetes, asthma etc.)
  • Initiate health programs to students adhered by Supreme Council of Health or Qatar Foundation Care Clinic (such as dental hygiene awareness)
  • Offering students frequent informative presentations on pertinent issues
  • Routine Health Screening for all students
  • Annual Vision Test for Grades 1 to 6

Important School Clinic Guidelines
  • Administration of Medication during school hours
  • No medication shall be administered without any permission or consent from the parent. If your child needs to bring medication to school, the following procedures need to be followed:
  • All medications must be given to the school nurse. Students are not allowed to keep the medicines in their bags or self-administer any medication.
  • The school nurse should be notified by the parents when a child is taking medications.
  • A “medication consent form” is available in the nurse’s office or reception area and should be signed by the parent or guardian.
  • The medication should be in the original container and properly labeled. A consent note signed and dated by the parent must accompany the medication and clearly mention the name of the child, name of the medication, dosage and time to be given.

Head lice Policy

Head lice inspection is carried out by the school nurse every term of the school. Parents will be informed when the health screening will be done. If a child has live head lice or eggs, parents will be notified and the child will be sent home to start the treatment to prevent infestation.
Head lice inspection will also take place AS NEEDED anytime during the school year.

Sick Students

Prevention and control of contagious diseases is an important part of children’s health. Parents know their children best and should use good judgment on whether to send their child to school or not. After consultation with a doctor, please consider the following:
If your child is having a fever or flu, KEEP your child home. The child should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
Children should be free of vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.
Children with thick nasal discharge and/or constant coughing should remain home.
Children diagnosed with conjunctivitis or with draining, itching, red eyes should remain home until the acute phase is over (24-48 hours).
Children diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection/Streptococcal Throat Infection should remain home until the acute phase is over (24-48 hours).
If your child is diagnosed of or suspected to have the following communicable diseases, please notify the school nurse: chicken pox, Hand, foot and mouth disease, measles, and other viral illnesses. The child must stay home and should consult a doctor. A medical certificate or doctor’s note is required.

Healthy Snacks and Lunches

With your help, we encourage not to send unhealthy snacks with your child like chips, candies or lollipops, chocolates & other junk foods. We are trying to serve healthy snacks and lunch to your children in QAW.

Nut Free School

QAW is a nut and peanut free school. It means NO nuts or any peanut products (e.g. cakes, muffins, nutella, and any food that contains nuts) is allowed in school. Some of our students have severe allergic reaction to nuts.

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